Combi Basic Safety/Adv. Fire Fighting/Prof. in survival Craft Refresher

Combi basic training STCW refresher / Advanced Fire Fighting refresher / Proficiency in rescue boats other than fast rescue crafts refresher

Because the conditions on board are fundamentally different from the conditions on shore, it is vitally important to continue to train your safety and self-reliance. This will refresh your knowledge of what needs to be done in the event of a calamity at sea. This is also the reason that legal requirements have been imposed on safety and self-sufficiency in the international STCW Convention. Everybody on board must attend a refresher course every five years to be able to retain the navigation license. The recurrence certificate is also valid for five years. The training meets the STCW guidelines and is recognized by the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILENT).

During this training the delegates will deal with realistic situations that can occur on board. The training zooms in on personal survival techniques, fire safety and control, first aid for accidents, safe working and social responsibilities on board.


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