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Excel 2010 En Level 1: Beginner Learning basic skills for Excel 2010

Estimated time: 04:05
6 modules - 49 topics

Get started in Excel
Discover Excel and carry out simple tasks: opening a workbook saving it, entering and
modifying data etc…
You need to know: About your spreadsheet application
Overview of the environment
Opening a workbook
Moving around a workbook
You need to know: Text made easy
Entering data
You need to know: Selecting, copying, moving
Selecting and deleting cells Undoing and redoing an action Column width/row height
You need to know: Saving files
Saving a workbook
Modifying the contents of a cell
Creating a new workbook Using Microsoft Excel Help Zoom
Total number of topics in the module:16

Look good with easy formatting
Get the presentation of your tables right: apply colour, borders, etc…
Applying a theme
You need to know: Formatting characters
Formatting characters Character font and size Aligning cell content Cell colour
Cell borders
Total number of topics in the module:7

Set out your first Excel calculations
A spreadsheet application is designed to calculate. Learn how to enter simple formulas.
Entering a calculation formula
Calculating a sum and other basic functions
Calculating a percentage Reproducing data in adjacent cells Total number of topics in the module:4
Increase your efficiency
You will find yourself getting more done in less time once you have mastered these simple skills with cells, text and formulas, and learned how to make the most of Excel’s help. Simple numerical formats
Checking spelling
Find and replace
Inserting/deleting rows, columns and cells
Moving cells
Copying to non-adjacent cells
Merging cells
Orientation of cell content
Cell styles
Total number of topics in the module:9

Print an attractive document
Make sure that your table looks as good on paper as it does on the screen: find out all about printing in Excel.
Page layout
Print preview and printing
Repeating row/column headings on printed pages
Hiding elements of a sheet
Page breaks
Print area
You need to know: Headers and footers
Headers and footers
Total number of topics in the module:8

Move on to more complex tables
Among other things, learn how to sort data, customise the presentation, copy formatting, and work with automatic dates.
Copying cell format quickly
You need to know: Calculating with functions
Control date, date formats
Sorting data
Splitting the window, freezing a column/row
Total number of topics in the module:5
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