First Aid Course

This First Aid course is a blended course and consists of an e-learning and a practical training session.

Students who complete this course qualify as first aider. You prepare for the practical training session through e-learning. After completing the e-learning the level of each student is equal and both essentials as repetition course participants can follow the same practical training session. As everyone studies the theoretical part in advance, it is not necessary to discuss the theory in depth during the practical training session, leaving more time to practice.

Practical training session
The practical training session takes 5 hours. During the practical training session, you must show that you possess the necessary skills to be able to perform the various first aid practices.

If you successfully complete the e-learning and the practical training session you will receive the official Red Cross First Aid certificate. The certificate of the Red Cross is valid for 2 years. To maintain the validity of the diploma, you must at least once every 2 years repeat Red Cross certified First Aid classes.

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